Jan Marini Glycolic Skin Peel Treatments, Chester

Uncover your skin’s full potential with the Marini Peel System

Jan Marini Glycolic Peels are the ultimate treatment for improving the condition of your skin without the need to take time off work or play. Whether you’re suffering from acne, ageing, sun damage or hyperpigmentation, our Glycolic Peel will help to keep your skin looking younger and can slow down the ageing process.*

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Disclaimer – Recovery time and results may vary from person to person.

Jan Marini Glycolic Peels Treatment at Joanne Willcox Clinics Chester

The Effects

A Jan Marini Glycolic Peel helps reduce cell “build up” at the lower levels of the skin. This amazing facial procedure will resurface your skin giving it dramatically softer, smoother texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing scarring.

A gentle Glycolic acid exfoliates away coarse, discoloured, dead layers of skin then penetrate’s through that layer to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin cells underneath.

After just a few weeks your skin looks brighter, clearer and dry skin become hydrated and smooth with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

The Science

Jan Marini Glycolic Peel utilizes a high concentration of multiple acids to lift the appearance of pigment and resurface the skin. Retinol, peptides and antioxidants enhance efficacy and overall results. Meaning your skin will look brighter and clearer, with a noticeably softer and smoother texture as the treatments progress, along with the use of the home care program.

The Peels are suitable for use on the face, the neck, the chest and the hands and are compatible with almost all types of skin. The strength and accelerants used will be tailored to your specific skin type and issues noted in the consultation. Conditions that often benefit from these treatments include discolouration, pigmentation, acne or acne scarring and dull, sallow skin.

Glycolic Peels Treatment at Joanne Willcox Clinics Chester UK

60 is the new 40

Turn back the hands of time and enjoy vibrant youthful skin at any age!

We can have it all; fewer lines and wrinkles, improved firmness, increased volume and smoother texture for a radiant appearance

Patient A 

This patient would like the most dramatic and immediate results, whatever it takes to accomplish her skin care goals. She may often ask, “What is the newest product of service,” never wanting to miss an opportunity to look her absolute best.  

Treatment Plan: 

Immediate Homecare Solution: Skin Care Management System, Retinol Plus or Retinol Plus MD, Marini Juveneck. 

Home Care Accelerators: Regeneration Booster, Retinol Plus Mask.  

Supplement Products: Eye Product, Marini Luminate Hand Cream. 

Professional Treatment Solution: Retinol Plus Facial, Customised Glycolic Peel, Marini Peel System (Refine, Clarify or Transform).

Patient B 

This patient wants the best of both worlds – dramatic results and little or no social downtime. She knows it will take more than one product to accomplish the goals she has for her skin, yet, she wants simple solutions that do not take away from her daily activities.  

Treatments Plan:  

Immediate Homecare Solution: Bioglycolic Face Cleanser, Rejuvenate and Protect plus one home care accelerator.  

Home Care Accelerators: Regeneration Booster, Retinol Plus or Retinol Plus MD.  

Supplement Products: Eye Product, Marini Luminate Hand Cream. 

Professional Treatment Solution: C-ESTA Facial, Age Intervention Regeneration Facial, Retinol Plus Facial, Customised Glycolic Peel. 

The Results

Treatment Prices

Please note, before booking your block of treatments and initial consultation booking priced at £50, is required to discuss your needs. 

Each Peel will focus on four area’s which are priced at face/£80, neck/£50, décolletage/£80 and backs of hands/£50 and treatments can be purchased in blocks of 6, 12 and 18, along with the Jan Marini 5-Step Skin Care System Kit/£280. The number of treatments needed will vary depending on your skin and problem areas, this can be discussed together during our initial consultation.  

All Jan Marini Professional Treatments by Joanne comprise of: age intervention gentle cleanser, clean zyme enzyme cleanser, skin zyme enzyme mask, resurfacing gel exfoliator 70% physician formula, micro mask, C-ESTA serum, transformation face cream, antioxidant face protectant SPF.


Jan Marini 5-Step Skin Care System Kit


Per Treatment / Face, Neck, Décolletage & Back of Hands


6 Treatments / Face, Neck, Décolletage & Back of Hands / Includes Jan Marini 5-Step Skin Care System Kit


12 Treatments / Face, Neck, Décolletage & Back of Hands / Includes Jan Marini 5-Step Skin Care System Kit


18 Treatments / Face, Neck, Décolletage & Back of Hands / Includes Jan Marini 5-Step Skin Care System Kit

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Can I return to work after a glycolic peel?

Yes you can. Glycolic peels are less invasive than a traditional chemical peel, therefore there is no downtime whatsoever. Your skin may have some redness which is temporary.

Do I need to prep my skin before having a glycolic peel?

It’s really important that you use the Jan Marini 5 Step skin care management system (purchased from Joanne Willcox) for two weeks to prepare your skin before you have a glycolic peel. This ensures that your skin is ready for the 70% glycolic acid that the peel contains. For best results, you should continue to use the Jan Marini products as part of your daily skincare regime.

When can't I have a glycolic peel?

During pregnancy, however you can still use the Jan Marini daily skincare products (if used prior to being pregnant). There are certain medications that would prevent you from having the treatment also. If you are in any doubt, please contact us for professional advice.

Are Glycolic Peels popular with celebrities?

Actresses Margot Robbie, Angelica Huston and Pamela Anderson have all said that they have used glycolic peel treatments to get their skin red carpet ready.

The Jan Marini skincare brand is also loved by singer and actress Cher; model and actress Abi Clancy, US fashion designer and actress Kristin Cavallari, supermodel Naomi Campbell; and singer, fashion designer and actress Vanessa Williams.